Balkan Dance Platform 2009

The selectors meeting for the 5th Balkan Dance Platform took place in Novi Sad, on the 21st and 22nd March, 2009. The committee is comprised by five members, who are mostly independent representatives proposed by the partner organizations from the Balkan countries. Those are: Andreea Capitanescu (Romania), Andreja Kopac (Slovenia), Iskra Sukarova (Macedonia), Rossen Mihailov (Bulgaria), and Ana Vujanovic (Serbia).

The principle of decision making process that we applied was such that each member of the committee – as an expert who has a relevant overview of the local scene – gave a short introduction about the scene and its current actors, development, and specificities before and during the selection process, but did not take part in making decision about the works from his/her country. With this we tried to provide relevant information about the contexts and at the same time to avoid possible conflicts of interest, being aware that almost all of us are deeply involved in the local dance scenes, even if we are not producers or programmers.

Among the 85 applications received for the 5th edition of the BDP, the selection committee selected 17 works that will be presented during the BDP 09 in Novi Sad, from 1-3 October 2009. The committee took into consideration the suggestions given by the host organization (Per.Art and its local partners) about production limitations for this year edition, and also tried to make a reasonable balance between various important artistic and cultural criteria of the selection.

On the one hand, the committee aim was to select the best productions made in previous two years and on the other not to avoid possibility for the young and emerging artists to be promoted through the platform. Therefore, we looked for the best format of presentation for all the various works, in order to avoid situation of competition between mature and recognized authors and large-scale productions and emerging artists with their solos and smaller-scale works. We also want to support new and experimental formats of dance works, such as dance installations and happenings, that challenge the field of contemporary dance and that also animate other spaces than theatre stage or house. One of the criteria of the selection was also to make the programme of the 5th BDP diverse, informative and inspirational both for the local audience and artists and foreign guests (artists from the Balkans and programmers from different contexts).

Therefore, we tried to create a programme that will present the Balkans contemporary dance scenes in a wide scope, balancing between their best achievements in artistic, conceptual and production senses and the specificities of artistic, cultural and material conditions and contexts of this moment.

According to these criteria, the selection committee selected for the 5th Balkan Dance Platform:

Ten full-length performances:
- BADco / 1 poor and one 0 (Croatia),
- Ioanna Portolou, Griffon Dance Company / Flesh (Greece),
- Madalina Dan / Dedublarea (Romania),
- Andreea Novac / Dance a playful body (Romania),
- Rui Catalao and Mihaela Dancs / Follow that Summer (Romania),
- Rosana Hribar and Gregor Lustek / Dance me out, please! (Slovenia),
- Irena Tomazin / As a rain drop into mouth of silence (Slovenia),
- Kinesthetic project /Void (Bulgaria),
- Dragana Bulut, Gillie Kleiman, Lígia Soares / The Giant Women present The Greatest Show in Town (Serbia),
- Bojana Mladenovic / 2 dancing bodies (Serbia).

Five short pieces:
- Evangelos Poulinas / myface (Greece),
- Aleksandar Georgiev / Heidi, work-in-progress (Macedonia),
- Kire Miladinoski / Third eye, work-in-progress (Macedonia),
- Ivaylo Dimitrov / ParaSympatetic (Bulgaria),
- Ana Miteva and Veneta Hristova / Approaches (Bulgaria).
Two new-format works:
- Marko Milic / Two Moons – dance installation (Serbia)
- Marjana Krajac / The Store – installation/happening, work-in-progress (Croatia).
NB. As there are few works in progress in the selection, the committee will make final decisions about their participation after the works are done (by the end of May 2009).

All selected works are considered equal but presented in different segments of the main festival program of BDP 09. As we are aware that the full and satisfying enough presentation of the lively and diverse Balkan dance scenes of today cannot be enabled by any festival selection, an additional program will be organized besides the main festival program. It is Video Showroom that will (without any selection) provide a more detailed insight into the current state of affairs of the contemporary dance in the Balkan region.

in Bucharest, Ljubljana, Skopje, Sofia and Belgrade on April 6th , 2009

Andreea Capitanescu, Andreja Kopac, Iskra Sukarova, Rossen Mihailov, and Ana Vujanovic
You can find more information about the 5th Balkan Dance Platform on www.balkandanceplatform.net

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