Mirroring bodies


Mirroring bodies is a project born out of the desire to open up the creational horizon of the young Romanian choreographers towards other artistic domains and thus to enrich the territory of the contemporary Romanian dance with new esthetical proposals. The interdisciplinarity of the artistic demarche is based on different artistic domains: fine arts (painting, sculpture), performative art (choreography-dance) and video art – and on the re-investigation of modern Romanian art from the perspective of contemporary creation.

Five choreographers: Andreea Căpitănescu, Carmen Coţofană, Cătălina Gubandru, Valentina de Piante and Alexandra Pirici, and the visual artist Vali Chincişan have been invited to choose works of art from the Galery of The National Museum of Art in Romania, their demarche being materialized in the creation of five choreographic pieces, presented in shows-installations of contemporary dance and video art.

Body, movement and video creation have re-invested the museum space with the meanings generated by the painting/sculpture works chosen as starting points in the choreographic and video creation demarche. Each choreographer/dancer has created a choreographic moment, and the visual artist has realized a video material in dialogue with the choreographic pieces, thus giving birth to different concepts, personal approaches, which highlight the meanings of the fine art works, enriching them. The work of art will be proposed as a new territory of choreographic exploration.

The project has been conceived in order to be included in the series of manifestations for the Museums Night. This has offered to the young artists implicated a frame with a special visibility and has brought benefices to the contemporary dance, through the promotion and overture of the event.
The interdisciplinarity of the project which puts together dance and fine arts, aims to attract two public categories : the one that usually goes in art galleries and those interested in the contemporary dance. Mirroring bodies enjoyed a numerous public, the organizers estimating approximately 800 spectators at the two perofmances from 19 May 2007.

Mirroring bodies is a project conceived and initiated by ArtLink, organized in partnership with The National Museum of Art in Romania and financed by the National Centre of Dance in Bucharest.

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