Jardin d’Europe 2009

Artlnk activities in the frame of Jardin d’Europe:

1. Residencies (July 6 – 26, Brancovan Palaces Cultural Center)
The intention of these residencies tries to meet the needs respective to the current way of working of most of the young dancers and choreographers who are not able – or not wanting – to create their own dance company but being involved in temporary projects. In 2009, Artlink offered residencies to Romanian choreographers Paul Dunca and Florin Flueras, and to Matthias Sperling (UK/Canada/Germany), Hajime Fujita (Japan/Portugalia). The residecies took place at Mogosoaia Brancovan Palaces, July 6-26, 2009.

2. First Steps – dance production (July 6 – 26, Brancovan Palaces Cultural Center)
First Steps production is the result of the collaboration between two Romanian dancers and choreographers, a Portuguese playwright settled in Bucharest, and a French sound artist. The first period of research took place in May 2009, in Stockholm, during a 3 week residency offered by Cullberg Ballet and Jardin d’Europe. The second rehearsal period of the project was organize in Mogosoaia, July 6-26 and the premiere will be in Bucharest, during eXplore dance festival, 4th edition, 8-18th October, 2009.

3. Teaching the teachers (October 08 – 14 )
Seven international teachers will participate in the TTT sessions which will take place from 08-14 of October in Bucharest. The research will have also the task to keep records of the methods being applied (via writing, filming, blogging). The written results will be published not only in Romanian language, but also in English in order to enable the widest possible distribution of the results.

4. Critical Endeavour (November 2009)
Co-productions are not only presented to a dance affiliated audience. They will also be reviewed by 10 emerging dance journalists complementing each “Prix Jardin d’Europe” festival: Each co-organiser nominates one emerging dance journalist to watch all the works and to write about them. Emerging dance journalists will nominate one choreography for the Prix Jardin d’Europe, thus awarding the choreographer with a one month residency at one of the co-organisers, plus an additional prize money raised from private businesses.

5. Action Research
For the duration of Jardin d’Europe, lasting from 2008 – 2013, the process will be accompanied by action research in the frame of a self-innovating structure. Each year, every action of Jardin d’Europe will be accompanied by qualified artists/writers/dramaturges/ administrators to comment on the processes and results of the actions.

Jardin d’Europe European project is realised in 2009 with the support of: Culture Programme of European Union, The Ministry of Culture, Religious Affairs and National Patrimony of Romania, Ilfov County, The Administration of National Cultural Fund, Cullberg Ballet and The “Brancovan Palaces” Cultural Center.

Info : www.jardindeurope.eu, www.4culture.ro

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