Moving tendencies

The project consists in the development of image fund for the contemporary dance in Romania.
The first one, Moving Tendencies, consists in organizing an exhibition permanently refreshed and touring.

The photo exhibition took place between the 2nd October – 30 November inside the National Centre of Dance in Bucharest.

The exhibition is dynamic, modular-flexible and creative in accordance with the intrinsic possibilities of the space. The exhibition is also a monitoring instrument of the “work in progress”, a representation of all the artistic creations done in The National Centre of Dance in Bucharest and not only (workshops, performances, installations, classes, experiments etc), being itself a “work in progress”.
The dynamism of the exhibition is given also by gathering the working material from contemporary dance events all over the country, till now covering Bucuresti, Bacau, Azuga, Cluj and Gheorgheni.
Financing partner: CNDB – the National Centre of Dance in Bucharest

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