PerForming the Body

laboratory of choreographic creation
July – October 2006

The project PerForming the Body is a laboratory of choreographic creation and composition especially made for five individuals who have reached a high informational level within the dance field and who will be accompanied, through this intensive study programme, to a pre – professional creative level. The project proposes each of the participants the creation of a short choreographic piece (15′-20′) by the end of their study (two mini-residences and one ‘field’ trip).

The laboratory is a follow-up stage of the workshop The Body (within the 4Projects cycle of workshops) that took place in October and November last year and was leaded by the Romanian choreographer Florin Fieroiu. The ‘targeted’ students were active persons in dance and theatre fields though not all of them with academic studies in these particular areas.

PerForming the Body follows as main directions interactivity among the participants and individual and team creativity and has as a firm aim the creation of five choreographic pieces by five artists for whom this piece represents their first round-up creation. The piece is to be performed at least twice during the year following its launching in October 2006. The creators will have to find and use means of promoting their piece by themselves (notions of cultural management will be included in the study).

The intensive study programme is structured on three sessions:
The first (July 12 – 27) and third session (September 1 – October 7) will consist of two mini – residences, one in Azuga and one in Bucharest.

The schedule is tailored as it follows:
Mornings (4 hours)
system of corporal trainingdance improvisationindividual movement techniquemovement analysis
Afternoons (4 hours)
piece compositiondance improvisationindividual timing for compositiontalks
The second session (August 4 – 11) has taken place in Vienna, during ImpulsTanz Festival. This session is seen as a factor of provoking a powerful information flux for the artists, on one hand by participating in workshops and on the other hand by their watching live performances, meeting prestigious choreographers, taking part into brainstorms on actual tendencies in international dance and on the artist-manager relationship and its contextualisation within local markets etc.
Therefore, by the means of this project, we seek the production and launch of five choreographic debuts belonging to five artists in their search of answers to big artistic issues like body, dance, self representation, space and personal rhythm. Last but not the least we aim the refreshment of the Romanian dance scene by five artists and five artistic pieces all adjusted both to the contemporary international scenes and to the local artistic realities.

ProHelvetia, AFCN – The Administration of the National Cultural Fund, danceWEB, Cultura2000, ArCuB, CNDB – The National Dance Centre, MNAC – The National Museum for Contemporary Art, The Ministry of Culture – Mobility Fund, travel grant for three of the artists.

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