Life Long Burning

Life Long Burning (LLB) is a project supported by the Culture Programme of the European Union and dedicated to the sustainable support of the European contemporary dance and performance field and the enlargement of its audience. It is implemented throughout a five-year period (July 1, 2013 – June 30, 2018) by a wide-spread and highly professional network of dance associations, companies and production houses:

4Culture (RO)
CCN Montpellier (FR)
Cullberg Ballet (SE)
danceWEB (AT)
Het Veem Theater (NL)
Lokomotiva (MK)
Station (RS)
Tala Dance Center (HR)
Uferstudios (DE)
Ultima Vez (BE)
Workshop Foundation (HU)
workspacebrussels (BE)

Through its various activities, LLB strengthens transnational co-operations, fosters the mobility of artists and their works, contributes to career development, cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue and promotes knowledge transfer, audience outreach and the public display of dance.


Prix Jardin d’Europe  – European dance prize for emerging choreography

Dance Radar Europe – virtual PR platform

Dance Works! - co-productions

Critical Practice - training for emerging dance writers

danceWEB Scholarships – training for emerging dance artists

Wild Cards – support of artistic development through residencies, workshops and scholarships

Performance Situation Room – research and knowledge-sharing modules

teachback – research on teaching practices

Dance fiction – open source documentation/publications of LLB activities

SuSy-Support System – trainings for emerging dance administrators

Annual Meetings

An annual meeting of all LLB project partners is taking place in a different city each year: Berlin (2013), Zagreb (2014), Bucharest (2015), Brussels (2016) and Budapest (2017). The coorganiser meeting is the decision-making body of the project. It deals with the planning, coordination and fine tuning of the project activities, reporting of past activities and mapping of the status quo of the different local dance and performance scenes. Furthermore it gives the opportunity to meet and exchange with the local scenes and offer its expertise in public debates.

Administration and Cooperation

As a coordinator, the Vienna-based association danceWEB is responsible for the administrative and financial matters relevant for the whole LLB project. It is in charge of monitoring the project implementation and continuously supervising the budget. It ensures the documentation and evaluation of the activities. It prepares the annual meetings together with the hosting organisation, writes all required reports intern and extern, coordinates the communication on all levels (website, newsletter, direct mailing) with professional contacts (local/national/European/international authorities and civil servants, participants to the project activities, artists). It is regularly in contact with the EACEA and with the CCP in Austria. The management of danceWEB is fostering the involvement and the motivation of the partners and strongly advocates ongoing communication between all network players.

Every coorganiser is responsible for the implementation of the programme activities in its country and operates as executive producer of the Dance Works! pieces it has nominated. Also, each coorganisers has to nominate a local LLB coordinator in charge of LLB PR, communication with the project-head in Vienna and the other coorganisers and LLB participants, as well as of the organization of the project activities in their region.

Life Long Burning (2013-2018) aims to support the creation and development of an infrastructure in the field of contemporary dance and performance in Europe. The activities implemented in the frame of Life Long Burning aim to support and professionalize the practitioners in the field of contemporary dance (performers, choreographers, administrators, managers, journalists, etc) as well as the wide audience.

In Romania, Life Long Burning is implemented by 4Culture Association.

A cultural project co-financed by the Administration of the National Cultural Fund.
A cultural project financed through ”You are Bucharest” cultural programme, by ARCUB and Bucharest Municipality.

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