X Platform 2014

Poster Platforma X

WASP — Working Art Space And Production invites you this Sunday, September 14, 2014,  starting 7:00 PM, to the X Platform exhibition opening, the resulting work of the newest international art residency program for the research and production of interactive, new- and trans-media projects in Bucharest.

12 young artists from Bucharest, Timișoara, Amsterdam and London coming from various backgrounds (from architecture and painting to performance and programming) were selected upon a call for projects and had a month to explore and develop individual or group installations at WASP, in a mentorship regime, coordinated by Marilena Preda-Sânc, Ciprian Ciuclea, Jan Eugen and Cosmina Chițuc.

While leaving the institutionalized world of art behind, the project is a manifest of creativity and innovation of the young generation. X Platform encourages the perspective of a space in permanent motion and transformation, while following the subject of re-imagining/reconfiguring the exhibition area within WASP. The eight exhibited projects in 2014 keep arousing curiosity, exploring the possibilities of perception, and creating a deliberate disorientation.

The final result is assembled by Olivia Nițiș, one of the most appreciated art curators in Romania at the moment:

“WASP is a production space, but the final result does not stand only for the financial support of some individual projects reunited in a collective exhibition. The opportunity for dialogue, encounters with different mentalities for the young generation and not only, is rare and fundamental, given the fact that despite the personal vanities, the contemporary artist is constantly constrained to place himself outside himself, acknowledge the contexts and the position he adopts.

The X Platform exhibition following the international mentorship residencies suggests a route through an interactive multimedia content, coordinated by the limits of the space and movement. Digital programming and processing produced video and sound installations starting from specific realities, such as social investigation, up to artificial image. Certain interventions in space are designed to redefine the boundaries of movement, perception, and interpretation.”

Artists: 100ideas + Collective East (RO), Delia Andrieș (RO), Lola Bezemer (NL), Elena Copuzeanu & Emilian Săvescu (RO), Łucja Grodzicka (PL/UK), Oana Ionel (RO), Marius Jurca (RO) și Livia Mateiaș (RO).

The exhibition is open to the public September 14-20, 1pm-7pm, at WASP —Working Art Space And Production, 67-93 Ion Minulescu, E Building, 2nd floor.

Media partners: Art Clue, Art Out, Ceașca de Cultură, Cooperativa Urbană, Designist, Feeder, Getlokal, Metropotam, Modernism, Orasulm.eu, Postmodern, Sub25, The Institute, Veioza Arte, WeArt, Zeppelin.

X Platform is a cultural program in co-production between 4Culture, WASP — Working Art Space & Production, Tangaj Dance and LifeLongBurning, with the support of the Cultura 2007 — 2013 programme. A cultural project financed by: AFCN – The National Cultural Fund Administration and The Bucharest City Council Centre for Cultural Projects, ARCUB — București 555 Program.

*This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This communication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

Based in Bucharest, WASP — Working Art Space & Production is an independent alternative space with a focus on contemporary dance, visual arts experiments, underground contemporary theatre and multimedia addicts. Repurposing 500 square meters of an old communist factory, the place hosts the annual eXplore Dance Festival – Bucharest International Contemporary Dance and Performance, as well as the 4Culture Association’s offices.

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